Early Education: Pathway to Your National Credential
OES Wage Estimate 2017
Average Salary: $16.1500     Wage Range: $9.6000 - $26.3400
Course NameHoursTuitionBooks
Unit 110$43.5000$28.0000
Unit 210$43.5000$0.0000
Unit 315$65.2500$0.0000
Unit 430$130.5000$0.0000
Unit 525$108.7500$0.0000
Unit 615$65.2500$0.0000
Unit 710$43.5000$0.0000
Unit 810$43.5000$0.0000
Unit 910$43.5000$0.0000
Unit 1015$65.2500$0.0000
Extra ItemCostNotes
No Extra Fees or Items.
This course series concentrates on preparing for the education requirements and Child Development Associates (CDA) credentialing process. Scholarships are available for these classes - call 1-866-343-3881 or www.okhighered.org/secc. Courses meet the educational needs of: State Licensing Requirements, Child Care Centers, Head Start Programs, Family Child Care Providers, Preschools, Foster Parents, Parents and Nannies
** Students will also be required to purchase: Packets and supplies for activities.
This program is NOT approved for VA education benefits.
* These courses have prerequisite requirements.
+ Students may "test-out" of these courses by contacting the Career Counselor at (580) 250-5503.
   A testing fee of $10.00 will be charged prior to testing.
^ These are "recommended" courses, but are not required to complete the degree plan.

Book & Tuition prices are for planning purposes only and are subject to change without notice.
Revised: 08/08/2018